Nerf socom episode 10

Give us your feedback on how you like commentaries, or tell us your ideas for new videos. Top 5 mind blowing magician america and britains got talent 2016. At the time we liked making home videos, so we though wed make a short action seriescomedy about nerf. Expand the customizing options with nerf modulus upgrade kits each sold separately. It has expanded from just a one video series to 4 channels and.

Nerf socom is a youtube channel started by adam and julian oliver. The lpg team accesses lexar and find out exactly what it is, right before the skull team sends a elimination squad to retrieve this memory. The premier community for enthusiasts of blasters of nonharmful projectiles darts, straws, disks, balls, bands, water, or anything else press j to jump to the feed. With an awesome 20dart capacity, this fierce blaster lets you control the speed and delivery of your darts. Longstrike nerf modulus toy blaster with barrel extension, bipod, scopes, 18. It was made before nerf socom was an idea, and before nerf socom existed. Ngas nerf blaster best seller list ranks the 10 topselling blasters each month based on an analysis of sales from. The nerf modulus ionfire blaster fires one dart at a time and comes with 4 darts.

This is just the guns owned by adam and julian, as opposed to the entire nerf socom teams arsenal. Nerf wars are a lot of fun, especially when you have lots of people and can divide them into teams. Most notably, there were the longshot cs6 and the nerf longstrike sniper rifles. Two brothers, adam and julian oliver, and their friends, make up nerf socom. As nerf socom grew, multiple videos of ours started getting. Adam oliver is the producer of nerf socom, a popular youtube channel and multiple series, and forth, a new budding channel that should catch up soon enough.

Nerf special forces our nerf special forces class is a fitness class camouflaged in fun. Adam, julian, and jacob watch as they talk about nerf socom episode 10 the willow base. The lpg team watches as they talk about nerf socom episode 20 the finale. We want all our subscribers and fans to know that we love and appreciate them very much. At our house, we have lots of boys who love nerf guns. Nerf megalodon nstrike mega toy blaster with 20 official mega whistler darts. Post jobs, find pros, and collaborate commissionfree in our professional marketplace. Thanks for watching, make sure to rate, comment, and subscribe for this nerf gun is super rare and all the way from china. Long version of a commercial we created for nerf battle of the ads contest nerf war episode 1 on vimeo join. Welcome to the nerf gun attachments best seller list for all nerf blasters.

We use nerf guns to help create a fun atmosphere where kids can climb over and under obstacles, use team work for different challenges, and shoot at targets. Lpg makes the final move in an epic conclusion to the lexar series. This is a compilation of the bloopers from episode 19. Find all your favorite nerf online games to play for free. Give us your feedback on how you like commentaries, or tell. From hitting the moving targets to building your own custom nerf blaster, get ready for a wide variety of exciting interactive games for kids of all ages. When the home of adam and julian gets raided they decide to join the lpg team to find out what lexar is as they do they discover the evil plans of the skull team who they must stop from stealing lexar codes. This is our archive for episodes 110, which can no longer be seen on youtube. Finally, they have come together in a glorious clip that looks like a scene out of late90s classic. The lpg attacks one of the skull teams bases to get the copied codes and destroy them. Adam and julian show their long awaited nerf arsenal. Red vs blue nerf war movie 381,210 views 7 months ago. We also make nerf wars videos like our popular series about the zombie apocalypse and the nerf patrol.

Adam and julian bring back lexar, and we also get to see how they got it and what they know about it. Nerf battle of the ads top 10 finalists nerf gun center. Remotecontrolled a10 warthog annihilates cardboard tanks. Nerf socom episode 19 bloopers and outtakes youtube. Latest nerf war deutschland mp3 sound for download. This video was the first video created by adam and julian. Click on a video to watch it and see its information. This is a compilation of bloopers and behind the scenes from episode 17.

These short films were all under 25 seconds, and only qualified if they met the rules. Nerf guns rival is another epic gunvsgun nerf war video. Im a big fan of the series, and am uploading this for archivalrecords sake. Drug raid is brought to you by pdk films, the largest nerf channel on youtube. This is our archive for episodes 1 10, which can no longer be seen on youtube. For example using vortex to clear corners or having a modded firestrike to take longer shots to discourage oppositions advancing because as we know theres no sniping in nerf. Nerf socom can you give me 100 bullets for my birthday and a sebastian norboe.

The nerf longshot was a weird looking sniper that was actually made up of two different blasters attached to each other. You can see what rules were enforced in the video below. Equipped with nerf elite strongarm blasters, players will explore our massive indoor arena and fire soft blue foam darts at each other, bringing their team to victory. As you can see, you needed to make a 25 second commercial. This is a compilation of the bloopers from episode 18. This is a compilation of behind the scenes videos from lexar episode 20. Danny acts like a nerf gun baby while his bro creates another crazy nerf gun mod this. And here we are, good news is that im making progress on the monty plushies l tags. However, unless youre just having oneonone duels, nerf teams have to be organized in order to be the most efficient. With adam oliver, julian oliver, kyle atkinson, andrew kapral. As the series grew more popular, it became more than a hobby for us.

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