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A truly regal copy of apianus renaissance astronomy text. Peter apians astronomicum caesareum ingolstadt, 1540 is one of the finest printed books in the national library of scotland, hand coloured throughout and featuring ingenious and beautiful volvelles. Astronomicum caesareum 1540 petrus apian astronomy library of the vienna university version. Pdf peter apian and his astronomicum caesareum researchgate. Media in category astronomicum caesareum the following 51 files are in this category, out of 51 total. This extraordinary publication, the work of the printer, mathematician and cosmographer, peter apian, is predominantly an instrument in the form of a book. Peter apians astronomicum caesareum ingolstadt, is one of the finest printed books in the national library of scotland, hand coloured.

It took eight years to create and includes elaborate handcolored drawings and many volvelles. According to apian, cosmography was the description of the earth and the. The journal of astronomical history and heritage, founded by john perdrix and wayne orchiston. Title with coloured woodcut border and big coloroured woodcut. The first aspect of the astronomicum caesarium which struck me was its sheer size. Journal of astronomical history and heritage home facebook. It was a lavish temple with porticoes, propylalea, parks and libraries. Petrus apianus april 16, 1495 april 21, 1552, also known as peter apian, peter bennewitz. The edifice was finished by the roman emperor augustus, after he defeated mark antony and cleopatra in egypt. Patrick mccray and suman seth published for the history of science society. Petrus apianus april 16, 1495 april 21, 1552, also known as peter apian, peter bennewitz, and peter bienewitz, was a german humanist, known for his works in mathematics, astronomy and cartography.

Astronomicum caesareum by peter apian sold for chf 660 000 the book auction featured no less than three bids in the sixdigit range. Volvelles are foundon the recto of leaves b3, c1, c3, d1, d3, e1, e2, e4, f2, f3, f4, chi1, g4, k3, k4, l1, l2, l3, l4, m1 and m3 and the verso of leaf g3. Size is also one of the factors which separates a large tome like. A truly regal copy of apianus renaissance astronomy text petrus apianus, astronomicum caesareum. One of his most famous works, the astronomicum caesareum, describes the mechan ics of a geocentric universe and is one of the most beautiful scientific books of the sixteenthcentury printing. Medieval and early renaissance sciences and pseudosciences astronomy, astrology, alchemy, cryptography.

Petrus apianus astronomicum caesareum ingolstadt, 1540 rosenwald collection 678 the emperors astronomy from the private press of petrus apianus is one of the great masterpieces of sixteenthcentury printing. Founded by cleopatra in honor of mark antony, it may well be in this temple that cleopatra committed suicide in 30 bc. Michael ostendorfer astronomicum caesareum the met. Pdf this commentary investigates the theoretical background of the volvelles in astronomicum caesareum aided by a modern computer for. Astronomicum caesareum, 1540, by petrus apianus the blue boy by thomas g ai nsb o rugh,c. His work on cosmography, the field that dealt with the earth and its position in the universe, was presented in his most famous publications, astronomicum caesareum 1540 and cosmographicus. Apian received three thousand gold florins from the dedicatees and personal appointment as court mathematician woodward. In 1540, apianus printed the astronomicum caesareum, dedicated to charles v. Stephen standish and the provenance of the new college. Feminism and art at the womans building this bibliography has been created to assist in researching the womans building with a focus within the context of feminism and the feminist art movement, particularly in california in the 1970s. How to merge pdfs and combine pdf files adobe acrobat dc. It was conceived by cleopatra vii of the ptolemaic kingdom, the last pharaoh of ancient egypt, to honour her first known lover julius caesar.

A lunar eclipse volvelle in petrus apianus astronomicum. While we dont recommend using petrus apianuss astronomicum caesareum 1540 for scienti fic reference, the dragonadorned book can be appreciated as a work of art. The theory and parameters behind a volvelle in peter apianus astronomicum caesareum are investigated. Astronomical caesareum pdf a volvelle or wheel chart is a type of slide chart, a paper construction with rotating parts. Museum of the history of science university of oxford. Here i will study his volvelle for finding the true time of a syzygy figure 1. Petrus apianuss majestic work astronomicum caesareum was published in ingoldstadt in 1540. Grabados xilograficos a lo largo del texto y esferas moviles coloreadas. Journal of astronomical history and heritage 2016 document version. Some of the materials are available online, some via login for the otis community only. Astronomicum caesareum the emperors astronomy peter apian.

A beautiful michael ostendorfer woodcut from astronomicum caesareum, by petrus apianus, court astronomer to charles v, holy roman emperor. Click, drag, and drop to reorder files or press delete to remove any content you dont want. Peter apian, astronomicum caesareum ingolstadt, 1540. Sopra lorigine delle costellazioni australi leggi il. Journal of astronomical history and heritage, toowoomba, queensland. Petrus apianus astronomicum caesareum ingolstadt, 1540. Publishers pdf, also known as version of record link to publication citation for published version apa. It includes many different aspects of astronomy as then understood and was one of the first books to collect historical records of various comets indeed it was one of the works edmond halley studied in his researches on comets, leading to his. This book was produced for charles v, holy roman emperor, and only a few were. The caesareum of alexandria is an ancient temple in alexandria, egypt. This astronomicum caesareum, dedicated to emperor charles v and king ferdinand, has been described as a miracle of printing in folio format. Dedication with engraved coatofarms of emperor carl v. The omdoc format is an open markup language for mathematical documents and the knowledge encapsulated in them. The top lot was the astronomicum caesareum by peter apian from 1540, which sold for chf 660 000 lot 402.

Click add files and select the files you want to include in your pdf. Astronomicum caesareum national library of scotland blog. Petrus apianus, astronomicum caesareum, ingolstatdt 1540, ant. Certain unpublished letters from french scientists of the revolutionary period taken from the files of joseph lakanal. It is the work of petrus apianus 14951552, who studied astronomy, cosmography and mathematics at the university of leipzig and in vienna. Herbert straus rights metropolitan museum of art terms and conditions scanner internet archive python library 0. A second copy owned by mercator himself was loaned by glasgow university library and the royal museums greenwich lent their pair of mercator globes, the only one in the country.

Astronomicum caesareum by peter apian this gorgeously coloured book was published in 1540. Of all published articles, the following were the most read within the past 12 months. The astronomicum caesareum is considered by many as perhaps the most beautiful scientific book ever printed brashear, ronald, daniel lewis, and owen gingerich. Astronomicum caesareum by peter apian, ingolstadt 1540 apians purpose in writing this book was to make astronomy easy for all, and more particularly for his patrons, the caesars, emperor charles v of rome and his brother king ferdinand of spain, to whom the book was dedicated and for whom it was named caesars astronomy.

The opac contains records of almost 1,5 million copies of documents such as books, journals, special and electronic documents, and dissertations of the university library and other libraries belonging to the elte network. But when apian published it he was already well established as one of the major authors. Astronomicum caesareum may 1540 michael ostendorfer german this most sumptuous of all renaissance instructive manuals explained the use of the astrolabe for calculating the altitude of stars and other instruments used for computing planetary positions. In this large folio volume the paper instrument found its supreme realisation in a series of intricate volvelles, all handcolored in the astronomers ingolstadt printing shop. It is considered an early example of a paper analog ahmad forus senate. Astronomicum caesariums size contrasts with the pocket sized tale of tristram shandy just across the table. Made by michael ostendorfer astronomicum caesareum 1540. Apianus provides descriptions of comets, a representation of ursa major, and a means to calculate the position of the planets. Peter apian, astronomicum caesareum ingolstadt, 1540 type. He destroyed all traces of antony in alexandria, and apparently dedicated. You can merge pdfs or a mix of pdf documents and other files. As it turns out it is possible to extract several pieces of interesting information from the bervolvelle. It is a scientific manual as well as a work of art. Unknown illustrations petrus apianus 14951552 alternative names peter apian description german mathematician and cartographer date of birthdeath 16 april 1495 1495 21 april 1552 1552 location of birthdeath leisnig ingolstadt work location ingolstadt authority.

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