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Our funding goal is pretty aggressive, so i appreciate any support you can offer. Images from nimblepros software craftsmanship calendars 2011 and 2012 the 20 calendar is available now at gear. You are welcome to take your personal srm data home on a usb drive. You can design a bridge and be fairly certain it will work on paper. Hopefully, this incredible and exciting list can help you discover how the scp series has evolved over time. With kidfriendly art from popular illustrator kimberly montgomery and a handy pocket for notes and other important reminders, the school days planner wall calendar makes organizing the school year fun and easy. Brendan, michelle, and i launched a kickstarter campaign to fund the creation of a 2016 software craftsmanship motivational wall calendar. It was made available during dockercon 2016 june and uses hypervisor instead of virtualbox. We are dedicated to making this happen, but need your support. Scna 2018 software craftsmanship north america new york city.

Business, career, software craftsmanship tonight, i logged into my site and saw a picture of someones colon, compliments of everyones favorite nsfw advertising engine, disqus. Since agile 2008 last year they found a focal point with uncle bob martins claim that the agile manifesto needed amendin. This is a series showing off news from the site, articles from the past month, and fancontent for you to check out. Therefore, the current meeting will be short and wont be the rule. Thanks again to everybody who backed our kickstarter campaign to produce another software craftsmanship wall calendar. At 8th light, we adhere to a strict set of principles. Clean code, code quality, php, php7, planet wikimedia, software craftsmanship, software design only smart people can learn. Id especially like you to share this project with your fellow software developers. Jun 23, 2015 in case you missed it, steve smith, michelle smith, and i are kickstarting the 2016 software craftsmanship calendar. Software development is still more a craft than an engineering discipline. The software craftsmanship calendars are designed to provide visual reminders to developers and teams to follow proven principles and avoid known antipatterns when writing software. Telerik ui ios telerik ui for ios works flawlessly with ios 9 beta, nikolay diyanov other seven deadly sins of a software project, yegor bugayenko solid principles software craftsmanship calendar topics, brendan enrick how many line of code do you have in database.

Your name will be included inside the calendar as an individual supporter. Saintgimp agile development, software craftsmanship. Last week, i published a short interview with steve smith that was shot during the mvp summit. We use these principles to guide our practice, and assure that our performance upholds our standards of excellence.

Meet our friendly staff, learn about our new product line for 2016, testride our indoortrainer, or take one of our demo bikes for a spin. Solid principles software craftsmanship calendar topics. The opposite of heroism in software development is a smooth. The software puts the processor, the radio, and the temperature sensor to sleep and sets a timer for eight seconds. Mar 12, 2009 a movement to promote software craftsmanship has been brewing for a few years. Past events canton software craftsmanship north canton, oh. This has totally changed my outlook on software development. May 28, 2010 this meetings objectives are to layout the future meetings that will allow us to become software craftsman. The second year is scheduled to kick start on 12th of september and go on until the th of september 2016 at the liberty stadium, swansea, south wales. Test driven development is something you learn over very many difficult weeks or months, it is a hard concept to teach, it is becoming more accepted but still slowly. Srm will be represented at numerous events in 2016. Software craftsmanship the agile revolution podcast.

You can learn from the best speakers and practitioners in our community. In case you missed it, steve smith, michelle smith, and i are kickstarting the 2016 software craftsmanship calendar. Two weeks ago, greater sum hosted the software craftsmanship unconference at the forsyth county conference center on friday july 14th and it was a success. Pick up a free software craftsmanship 2016 wall calendar in the lobby. A handbook of agile software craftsmanship robert c. Now were making a software craftsmanship calendar for 2016. He is best known for being one of the authors of the agile manifesto and for developing several software design principles. Introducing software craftsmanship, a programmercentric way to build software, this text explains why software engineering isnt enough and aims to transform the developers relationship with users and customers. Apr 27, 2017 recognition of quality craftsmanship, innovation and overall design excellence. We still have several sponsorship opportunities available. On this page you can find my future and past conference and other speaking appearances, chronologically ordered from newest to oldest. Software craftsmanship calendars recently, brendan, michelle, and i launched a kickstarter campaign to fund the creation of a 2016 software craftsmanship motivational wall calendar.

All posts tagged softwarecraftsmanship brendan enrick. Software craftsmanship calendar 2016 by steven smith. We have a limited quantity of calendars available for international orders, and they will be made available on a firstcome, firstserved basis. Rachel sirkin is a program manager for the mail and calendar apps and vivek kumar is a product marketing manager for the mail and calendar apps we first introduced the new mail and calendar apps with the launch of windows 10 read more. News for april 2016 march 2016 april 2016 may 2016. January 2016 page 2 industrial fabrics association.

Its been around for a while now and is reasonably well known. After reading it, i have to say that this book has come close to rocking my world. Scna 2018 software craftsmanship north america new. Software craftsmanship as a metaphor is a career glass ceiling. Includes a protective plastic cover to increase durability. Now you can get a selection of software craftsmanship images used in teleriknimblepros wall calendars between 2011 and 20 in digital format. Some of the top talent from algeria and around the globe will be delivering sessions on the latest and most important topics. There is no contradiction just 2 different contexts. The idea behind software craftsmanship is that software developers hold themselves up to a higher standard, and produce a quality product. Jim coplien borland software craftsmanship paper and later organizational patterns of agile software development the foreshadowing of agile as we know it today.

Jun 11, 2015 in 2011, at nimblepros, we made a calendar of software craftsmanship principles and made humorous images to go along with them. The calendar can include any number of years into the future. Agility implies craftsmanship steliana moraru april 10, 2016. Similar to previous years the mscc would like to invite you to a fullday event of information on cloud technology. Microsoft azure provides key benefits for your business. Oct 06, 2017 looking for inspiration for your next wheelchair costume. A handbook of agile software craftsmanship, by robert c. If you are in the united states, please order through our amazon listing. There was a talk at saturn 2016 about software engineering in. The oversized grid offers plenty of space for memos, and with a full 17 months, the calendar can be used from the start of the school. A thoughtprovoking retreat for people who are not afraid to question, to evolve, and who constantly seek to grow their craft and the team of people around them.

At build, we announced the windows 10 anniversary today, im excited to share additional features for educators and students, alongside other education news today from today, windows is the leading global platform for k12 our enduring goal is for windows. It allows you to create reports for any java project, even those that do not have a sonargraph system specification. Asos qa community event april 2016 published on april 5, 2016 april 5, 2016 31 likes 2 comments. Software craftsmanship calendar 2016 by steven smith kickstarter. April 26th 29th 2016 craft is about software craftsmanship, presenting which tools, methods, practices should be part of the toolbox of a modern developer and company, and serving as compass on new technologies, trends. For being awesome, you will also get 3 calendars so you can share them with developers who will appreciate or who need them. The best way to get involved is to sign up for our mailing list or visit our page any other questions feel free to contact us. Software craftsmanship 2016 wall calendar sponsorship work on the 2016 software craftsmanship wall calendar is nearing completion, and the final product will go to the printer in october 2015. The resulting user experience is very much like running docker on linux. Characterization tests apr 18 2016 brownish greenfield gilded rose kata apr 18 2016 faster site generation with a native octopress 2 apr 17 2016 selfstudy in april 2016 apr 1 2016 books read in 2016q1 mar 31. And this is a good idea for a retrospective meeting for an agile team.

Software craftsmanship 2016 wall calendar sponsorship. Pair programming some surgeons like to wash their hands and some surgeons dont. At then end of 2014, i wrote an article about the 2015 software craftsmanship calendar that we were not able to make. Displays moons phase, the sign of the zodiac the moon is in, eclipses, apogee and perigee, void of course periods, lunar days and lunar stations mansions lunar gardening calendar. All calendar pages are printed on fsc certified paper and use environmentally safe inks. Storing date values in files agile software craftsmanship. All we heard through december of 2014 and january of 2015 was.

Help us make the 2016 software craftsmanship calendar, so you can also. Upcoming events software craftsmanship roundup utah. If youve never been to an unconference, the structure is unconventional compared to a conference. April 2016 hello2morrow empowering software craftsmanship. And special thanks to sergey tihon for organizing this. In a traditional conference, there is a rigid structure and everything is planned, where as in. The authors are alexandru bolboaca and adrian bolboaca. Automation, software craftsmanship, software development tags. We will ship you a limited edition 2016 software craftsmanship calendar. The software guild is the best decision ive ever made for my professional development and marketabi. Voxxed days algiers is a rendezvous for learning, networking and sharing experiences about java, cloud, big data, mobile, iot, software craftsmanship, best practices, technology trends and more.

Please back the calendar on kickstarter, so there will be a 2016 edition. Apr 26, 2016 april 19, 2016 april 4, 2016 productownerblog leave a comment software development is not all about the business value, you need to enjoy what you are doing as well. April 28, 2016 april 28, 2016 ingmar kellner leave a comment sonargraph is our tool to quickly assess the quality of a project. Next week, the post will be a little late like this week. I get frequently asked, how sonargraph supports the enterprise architect who needs to answer qualityrelated questions in the broader context across several projects. If a timer business calculation ends up going past this date, then the server throws an exception and notifies this to the administrator that the calendar needs to be extended.

Under okuns leadership the ves was a key player in the creation of a worldwide software antipirating alliance with the us government to insure that all facilities have a fair and level playing field. The 2016 software craftsmanship wall calendar is available now for preorder on amazon. It provides example how you could make your code vivid and live through organization and commenting. Craft is about software craftsmanship, presenting which tools, methods, practices should be part of the toolbox of a modern developer and company, and serving as compass on new technologies, trends. This article was published first in today software magazine, no 16. Admire the skill and the craftsmanship that goes into making a great costume. This will be our fifth calendar, so weve got a lot of practice. This is a list of all scp articles, by year and month of creation. Similar to previous years the mscc would like to invite you to a fullday event of information on cloud technology provided by microsoft. Make sure to support and share the project so that this awesome calendar can make a comeback. Steven smith is raising funds for software craftsmanship calendar 2016 on kickstarter. If you werent able to back the campaign or if you only backed the campaign at a low level and thus are only getting the digital images, you can still get one.

Each principle illustrates a different way that we apply the values in the manifesto for software craftsmanship to a practical setting. Not all of the recommendations here are technical but i have found all of them to be useful in one way or another. Sep 16, 2016 steven smith is raising funds for software craftsmanship calendar 2016 on kickstarter. During the chat angus recommended pete mcbreens classic book software craftsmanship. Encased in a protective plastic covering, this perfect compact planner also includes a notes section and personal information pages. This is primarily because of a lack of rigor in the critical processes of validating and improving a design. Join us for one of our demo days at your local srm dealer. Ill save an indepth discussion of lowpower sleep modes for the post on the sensor module software, but heres the general idea. Software craftsmanship is good for heroism because sometimes even with a solid agile process and a finelytuned software factory pipeline and clean, unittested code, misconceptions can slip in and a client can do something that the unit tests did not foresee and rightly complain about it. However playing around with it yesterday continue reading. This is an enjoyable book going through objectoriented languages. The hna hardscape project awards recognize outstanding hardscape projects by contractors building residential walkways, patios, driveways, commercial plazas, parking lots and streets.

We continued making the calendar for three more years and then missed 2015. Utah java users group ujug meets once a month to discuss the latest in the java programming language and other tech topics. As recently as last april, i wrote a post about software craftsmanship making for good business. This setting tells the system the last day that this calendar is valid for. Reading list here is a simple list of books that i have found to be useful throughout my career, and life.

The best news i have for you is that were doing a software craftsmanship calendar for 2016, but we want to make sure that we are able to cover the costs of making the artwork and printing the calendars. A few weeks ago, while at buildstuff, i walked next to an image built with words, like a tag cloud picturing some companys logo. Jeff was a driving force to bring together studios, facilities and artists to explore new business models, pipelines and technologies. Canton software craftsmanship is a community event for software developers to get together and hone their craft. Robert cecil martin, popularly known as uncle bob, is an american software engineer and instructor. Check out which countries are in the lead, both in terms of total calendars ordered, and per capita. We will finish with a code kata more in the future. Welcome to this installment of site news, the only news outlet that cares enough to listen to you drunkenly ramble at 3am.

We will send you a digital image pack of images from the 2016 calendar, suitable for use in presentations or as desktop backgrounds. There are so many great costumes for wheelchairs out there but some of the most creative and unique costumes come from the world of steampunk. Calendars online and print friendly for any year and month. I first thought about coding in february of 2016, attended the guild from may to august, and had my first wellpaying job ever by the middle of november 2016. Swanseacon 2016 will be the second agile development and software craftsmanship conference in swansea, south wales. Refactoring fundamentals on pluralsight previous images. Create your own steampunkd wheelchair wheelin mobility. The 20 software craftsmanship motivational wall calendars have been out for less than a month, but have already sold to dozens of countries. Physical items for sale, such as the software craftsmanship wall calendar. How not to lie software craftsmanship has always been the work of individuals not sure we have really achieved collaboration in programming. A motivational calendar every software developer will appreciate. Past events canton software craftsmanship north canton. Agile central europe 2011, corey haines thomas sundberg 20110420 what is software craftsmanship about. Events will involve handson coding, speakers, and community involvement.

Specifying business hours agile software craftsmanship. Displays the information that is important for biodynamic gardeners. March 2016 hello2morrow empowering software craftsmanship. Suitable for use in your powerpoint presentations, blog posts, or for your desktop background, these image packs include new custom layouts to fit a variety of desktop screen dimensions. A certain restaurant in the silicon valley has a sign which says this is a bad place for a diet. As a salaried software developer and company of one, ala developer hegemony, you ingratiate yourself more to the business by adopting practices like tdd than you do by competing in algorithm trivia. Brendan enrick 2016 software craftsmanship calendar.

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